Connor's Programs

Electron Configuration - Web

Same as the other electron configuration programs, but on the web.

Load Version 11.18.2015_2 (2.1)
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Electron Configuration - Visual

The number of electrons is input, and it outputs the electron configuration.

The output is selectable and copyable.

Download Version 11.12.2015_1 (1.0)
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Electron Configuration - Console

Takes a number of electrons input and outputs the Electron Configuration. Useful for Chemistry.

Older version, there is a visual and selectable version avaliable.

Download Version 11.10.2015_1 (4.0)

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Binary Counter

Pressing a key counts up in binary, showing the base-10 number too. Useful for learning the rules of binary.

Download Version 11.10.2015_1 (1.0)